Scarcity vs Truth

Scarcity mindset is running rampant in our society right now.

The evidence is everywhere. Social movements like Black Lives Matter and MeToo are uniting communities who share common stories of oppression. These movements have helped people come together to stand for something not against something or someone. Unfortunately, many people are reacting to these stories as though they represent an attack. Instead of listening, they are reacting out of fear.

The scarcity mindset is a flawed perception which creates narratives of “not enough”. So, if you act to claim power, you must be trying to take it away from me because there is not enough power for all of us. If your voice gets louder, it could drown out mine. If you claim a seat at the table, where will I sit?

There are many unintended consequences that emerge from this underlying belief that there is only so much (or so little) to go around. One example I find particularly disturbing is when someone acts courageously to share their personal truth, their story, and their words become twisted to portray an attack on someone else.

When someone’s truth becomes weaponized, there is reason for deep concern.

The scarcity mindset and fear of the unknown has always existed, it just feels a little different now. Maybe our unknowns have recently evolved. With information readily available to us, maybe we have gone from what we don’t know is scary and potentially a threat to WHO we don’t know is scary and potentially a threat. Both of these unknowns are a factor, yet there is a noticeable shift. Could it have something to do with knowing all the political, economic and celebrity stories, but not our own next door neighbor’s?

One thing I know is that our stories and personal truths are sacred. They help us define who we are and where we belong. They cannot be weaponized. They cannot become leverage for the privileged. It is our duty to protect each other’s stories. Because your story is mine.

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” - Desmond Tutu